Supporting families with all aspects of starting solids, colic, reflux and post-natal support.

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Empowering and educating families to feel confident as they move forward with their little ones, covering the Vale of Glamorgan and South Wales area.

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I support families with all aspects of starting solids (weaning), colic and reflux, and post-natal support. If you have any questions about any of the services I offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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Starting Solids 

I passionately believe that the way we interact with our food at a young age has an impact on how we react to it as an adult.  Teaching an infant to have a good relationship with food from the very beginning, and to try new tastes and textures will stand them in a great position for their future grown-up selves. You will learn what is great first foods to try, what the difference is between baby-led weaning and traditionally-led weaning and so much more!

Colic & Reflux Support

Caring for a baby with colic and reflux symptoms is exhausting, overwhelming and sometimes a scary time. There are many simple changes that can make this time a little easier to cope with and most importantly get your little one smiling again. 

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Post-natal Support

The first few weeks with a newborn will be joyous but also very full on!  I can provide emotional and practical support, whether it's looking after the little one so that you can have a shower and a nap, providing emotional support by talking through any concerns you have or just making you a cuppa and a light lunch, I will be happy to help! Get in touch and we can see what you need.

Baby Room
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